Failure to Yield Causes Accident on Robert Grissom Parkway

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client, a man in his late seventies, was driving south down Robert Grissom Parkway when another driver failed to yield the right of way and pulled out from a side road onto Robert Grissom. The accident caused significant property damage to both vehicles and caused significant pain and injuries to our client.

Prior to the accident, our client had no issues with his neck and was in good health. Several hours after the wreck, he began to experience pain to both sides of his neck and to his right hip. The first doctor our client visited regarding his neck and hip pain referred him to physical therapy in hopes the conservative treatment would produce favorable results. After two months of therapy the pain persisted, forcing the man to visit with orthopedic specialists.

Within a month after the crash, our client established care with a local orthopedics office. As part of his care, our client saw a doctor that ordered he undergo a cervical MRI. The results of the MRI revealed the man’s neck injuries spanned across several cervical vertebrae and would likely require surgery to be repaired. However, in an attempt to avoid a costly and risky surgery, the doctor ordered our client go through a series of cervical facet injections. Our client reported back to his doctor that the injections had provided no relief.

Slightly more than a year removed from the accident, our client underwent a posterior decompression to his C2 through C7 vertebrae and a posterolateral fusion from his C2 to T1 vertebrae. Two weeks after his surgery, our client had a buildup of sub fascial seromas which forced him to be admitted to the hospital for four days. The seromas ended up being yet another thing impacting our client’s life as a result of this wreck. Since this surgery and subsequent admission, the man does not have the level of pain he used to, he does however have to adjust to life with hardware through his neck and the difficulties that presents. In addition to strict limitations to his cervical range of motion and the chores he can no longer perform, our client has a massive scar that runs the entire length of his neck. 

After a full evaluation of our client's medical records and the medical bills as well as the clear liability of the at-fault driver, The Derrick Law Firm demanded and settled the liability case for the full policy limits as well as received a settlement for the full limits of our client's underinsured motorist policy.

This case settled for a total of $450,000 and our client was extremely satisfied with The Derrick Law Firm's representation of his case.

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