DUI Driver Rear Ends Two Men in Conway Car Accident

Two men, who became our personal injury clients, were riding together when the car in front of them slowed to turn off Highway 501 in Conway, SC. Our client's car slowed as well to allow for the car in front of them to exit the highway. Another driver on the highway, while high on marijuana, was speeding northbound on the very busy Highway 501 and ran into the back of our client's vehicle. 

The at-fault driver was charged with driving under the influence, and marijuana as well as a “grinder” was found in his passenger seat. He was given a field sobriety test that he failed, and failed in nearly every portion. While the at-fault driver spoke remorse, his actions showed otherwise as this was his second DUI and later while the case evolved, committed a third offense.

Our clients complained of blurry images, unfamiliar voices and confusion after the car wreck. Both men were transported to the Conway Hospital Emergency Room and CT scans of both men's heads were taken as they complained of headaches and fogginess. Both men also complained of head, neck, and back pain.

Over the next several months, both men treated their issues with chiropractors, orthopedics, physical therapy, and finally a neurologist. Medical bills combined totaled over $26,000.

Because of the clear negligence of the at-fault driver and his history of driving under the influence paired with both men needing significant medical treatment, Conway car accident lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm were able to settle these car accident claims for a total of $130,000.

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