Drunk Driver Hits Mother & Child in Myrtle Beach Car Accident

A woman and her child were sitting at a stop sign on Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While waiting at the sign, a drunk driver hit another vehicle and ultimately ran into the driver's side of the mother's car. Three vehicles were involved in the crash and were pushed to the side of the highway.

The mother was in shock and was worried for the care of her child. At the time of the accident, the mother did not go to the ER or seek medical attention. That evening, the woman attempted to sleep but the shock of the accident wore off and she felt excruciating pain to her head and neck as well as nausea.  She decided to visit the ER where she was diagnosed with a neck strain and told to follow up if she continued to have pain. The woman followed discharge instructions but was unable to rid of the neck and back pain and began to experience numbness to her right leg and tingling in her neck.

She continued medical treatment including radiological scans and visiting with a spine and neuro specialist who recommended more aggressive physical therapy. The therapy did not produce results that the woman and doctors hoped for, so she continued with a plan of steroids injections. If this plan does not provide for long term relief, doctors have advised that surgery would be necessary.

After the accident and once the woman realized the extent of her injuries, she called The Derrick Law Firm to handle her car accident claim and to protect her interests. When you are hit by a negligent driver and sustain serious and long lasting injuries, you need an experienced Myrtle Beach Car Accident Lawyer to help you get the benefits you need.

This case was investigated fully and her medical records were evaluated to determine a value of the claim. Attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm are thorough in their evaluations and work to get clients full value. In this particular case, Attorney Kevin Mulet was able to get the full policy limits of the liability insurance, an excess insurance policy, as well as two underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) insurance policies totaling $200,000.

Since 1991, The Derrick Law Firm has focused on personal injury law and commits to obtaining the full value of a case, not just a quick settlement.

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