Derrick Law Firm Settles Case for Student Who Fractured Wrist in Car Accident

Dirk J. Derrick
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A young woman who attended a local college in Myrtle Beach seriously injured her wrist in a car accident that occurred on Holmestown Road in Surfside Beach, SC. The young woman and her mother were traveling in the right lane when a man in a truck cut across both lanes of traffic in front of our client. Our client had no time to stop and slammed into the left side of the at-fault driver's truck. The man driving the truck admitted that he was at-fault at the scene of the accident.

The impact of the wreck caused a severe fracture in our client's right wrist, her dominant hand. EMS arrived on scene and found our client laying on her back by the side of the road, holding her severely deformed wrist. The EMTs splinted her wrist and put her on a backboard to be transported to South Strand Medical Center. At the hospital, the doctors performed x-rays on her right hand and wrist to reveal she had suffered a "comminuted interarticular distal radial fracture with dorsal dislocation." For two hours, our client did not receive any pain medication and was told to see an orthopedic physician assistant at Grand Strand Regional Medical Center.

At GSRMC, the doctor reset her fractured wrist and she was able to move her fingers after but would end up needing to have surgery because the reset did not hold. Our client had wrist surgery and was held out of work. Shortly after the surgery, our client returned to the doctor because of complications and reported continued hand and wrist pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. She also began to experience night sweats, depression, and sleep disturbances.

The young woman was referred to physical therapy to regain her range of motion and strength so that she could have full use of her right hand again. During her time at physical therapy, our client endured a painful process of breaking up scar tissue that formed from the fracture. She continued physical therapy for months and also had a second surgery to remove hardware in her wrist that began to cause pain. After seven months of physical therapy, our client reached maximum medical improvement and was assigned a 7% impairment rating to her right arm.

When this young woman realized the extent of her injuries caused by the car accident, she needed an experienced, car accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach to help her get the benefits she needed to cover her medical care and property damage. Myrtle Beach accident attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm represented her on her accident claim and began to investigate immediately.

At The Derrick Law Firm, the attorneys and staff begin an investigation immediately, looking for any and all applicable insurance that is available to cover a client's damages (medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, etc...) As clients continue medical treatment, The Derrick Law Firm requests all related medical bills and records to evaluate the extent of the client's injuries as well as any future pain or impairments they might have. Many factors go into an evaluation of a case and the accident attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm thoroughly work up each case to make sure clients get the full value of their case.

In this accident case, our client had very high damages including over $63,000 in medical bills, over $5,000 in lost wages, over $9,000 in incidental damages, property damage, and a loss in earning capacity. Our client was studying for a career that required continued use of her hands and with the impairment to her wrist, she will be unable to work the job she had studied for in college. Putting all of that together, The Derrick Law Firm was able to settle this woman's injury case for $265,000 to cover her medical care and other damages.

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