Conway Woman Suffers Head Injury in Accident on Highway 701

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A man and woman were traveling down Highway 701 in Conway, South Carolina when they were rear ended by a driver who was cited for driving too fast for conditions. The man and woman were hit so aggressively their vehicle turned over and hit an oncoming vehicle along Highway 701. The man and woman's vehicle continued to roll several more times before coming to a stop upside down in the bottom of a ditch.

The woman, who was a passenger in the car, was rushed to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center ER in Myrtle Beach via Horry County Fire Rescue. Upon arrival to the ER, the ER staff elevated her status to a much higher trauma level and began to complete a series of radiological scans and assessments. The woman was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for observation. She remained at the hospital for three days.

Her diagnosis included: a left temporal hematoma, left tentorium subdural hematoma, lumbago, and cervicalgia. The woman's discharge instructions also recommended that she follow-up with her primary care physician, a neurosurgeon, and physical therapy due to the severe nature of her injuries.

For several weeks after being discharged, Vickie remained mostly on her couch as even the slightest movements were accompanied by jolts of radiating pain throughout her body. Her past, present, and continuing pain and suffering were directly associated with the at-fault driver's gross and reckless behavior.

The Derrick Law Firm evaluated the facts of the case as well as her medical records and bills before sending a demand for the full liability insurance of $25,000. Because our client's medical bills far exceeded the liability policy limits, The Derrick Law Firm also submitted a demand under the client's Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policy, also known as UIM.

Due to the nature of the accident, the high medical bills, and the amount of pain and suffering our client felt, The Derrick Law Firm worked up the full value of her case and settled for the full liability insurance policy of $25,000 as well as $250,000 of UIM coverage.

Total settlement value of $275,000.

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