Man Injured in Accident While Working

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Our personal injury client, who was working for a lumber company, stopped his vehicle for traffic congestion on Highway 501 near Conway, South Carolina. As he waited to move forward, a car traveling too fast for conditions rear-ended his work truck. The impact of the accident caused the man significant injuries and great property damage to both vehicles.

The man was then transported to the Conway Medical Center Emergency Room by EMS and reported neck pain and tingling in his arms and fingers. The medical team performed x-rays and suggested that he follow up with an orthopedic doctor as the symptoms experienced were likely related to an aggravation of degenerative changes and foraminal narrowing.

The day following the collision, the man was evaluated by an orthopedist with continuing complaints of neck pain, tingling and numbness in his left arm, hand and fingers. He was diagnosed with cervical spondylotic myeloradiculopathy and the doctor ordered further imaging to explore the possibility of a spinal cord injury. Additional imaging revealed a severe spinal cord compression. The doctor recommended surgery, however, the man was unable to undergo consultation because he had no health insurance, and the Workers’ Compensation carrier handling the case would not approve it. 

Later during his treatment, he underwent an Independent Medical Evaluation by another orthopedist. During this IME, the man reported continued neck pain and weakness in his left hand and arm, and the new doctor confirmed the need for surgical intervention as recommended by the original physician.

Because this case involved workers' compensation, our client had to get approval for any medical treatment that would be paid through workers' compensation. The Workers' Compensation carrier delayed approval of treatment, therefore, our client was unable to undergo the recommended surgery until almost a year later. Up until surgery, the man continued to experience neck pain, tingling and numbness in his left hand, and an unstable gait. In his pre-surgical consultation, his orthopedist wrote that our client suffered from a massive right paracentral disc herniation at C5-C6 and a large left paracentral disc herniation at C6-C7.

Our client finally underwent an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at C5-C6 and C6-C7. Following surgery, our client received physical therapy, wound care, and imaging. Several months later, neck pain and discomfort had not improved, and our client underwent a cervical epidural steroid injection. This injection offered pain relief for a limited period, with our client receiving repeat injections throughout the remainder of the year.

After another year of treatment passed, our client was reevaluated by his doctor and continued to complain of gait and balance issues, weakness, trembling, and tingling in his hands. His doctor wrote that his injuries were directly cause by the collision two years prior.

In addition to our clients extensive medial records and a medical opinion stating his injuries were a direct result of the accident on Highway 501, the at-fault party was charged and found guilty of driving too fast for conditions.

The Derrick Law Firm evaluated the entire case and settled with three different parties: workers' compensation, the liability insurance carrier, and our client's underinsured motorist insurance policy. With a detailed demand to each entity, Conway Personal Injury Attorneys at The Derrick Law Firm settled this client's accident claim for $395,000. Despite some issues along the way, our client was able to walk away with paid medical care and a settlement to get him back to where he was before his accident.

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