Conway Car Accident Back Injury Case Result

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our Conway car accident client sustained a serious lower back injury after being rear-ended by a dump truck.

On a clear morning in March, on South Carolina Secondary 165 outside of Conway, South Carolina, our client was at a full stop as the first vehicle at a red light. The at-fault driver was driving a 2018 Western Star dump truck and our client a four-door sedan. The dump truck slammed into the rear of her vehicle, moving her forward into the intersection. 

Our client began experiencing a burning sensation in her lower back and neck. She sought treatment on the day of the accident at the emergency room at Conway Medical Center in Conway, South Carolina. She was prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers and was instructed to follow-up if the pain got worse. Our client tolerated the pain for several weeks until she could no longer tolerate it. She followed back up at Conway Medical Center with continued complaints of low back pain and radiating pain down her buttocks and leg. The doctors at the hospital referred her to physical therapy.

After attending therapy for several weeks, our client continued to struggle with pain and was referred to a specialist who prescribed an epidural steroid injection to her L5- S1. Unfortunately, the injection did not give her any relief. She sought the opinion of a local orthopedic surgeon to determine whether she was a good candidate for surgery. The doctor concluded that she was not a surgical candidate and prescribed more steroid injections and physical therapy to which gave our client no relief. The doctors decided to proceed with bilateral lumbar medial brand blocks. Through a combination of a nerve root block, dry needling, and physical therapy, our clients’ pain significantly reduced.
Conway injury lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm closely evaluated all of the client’s medical records, expenses, future treatment, emotional distress, and pain and suffering and felt it was appropriate to demand the full policy limits of the insurance coverage available. 

When the insurance company came back with an offer that was below the full value of the case, The Derrick Law Firm gathered a jury research focus group to evaluate the case. Focus groups are a unique service provided to clients at The Derrick Law Firm in order to see what a potential Horry County jury might say, think, or decide in regards to a specific case. The data is gathered and submitted to the insurance company to prove the strength of the client’s case in hopes to settle for full value without going to trial. In this case, the jurors felt our client had significant injuries due to the accident despite the fact that physical damage to the vehicle was minimal. The focus group data sent to the insurance company made an impact and the insurance company almost doubled their initial offer. 

Our auto accident client settled her case for full policy limits and gave The Derrick Law Firm a 5 Star testimonial.

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