Beach Vacation Ends in Personal Injury

Dirk J. Derrick
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An out-of-state family came to Myrtle Beach, SC for vacation at a family friendly camping resort and RV park. The seven-year-old daughter of the family was on the perimeter of the camping site, playing with sidewalk chalk near, but not in, the roadway. During that time, a woman drove through the camping site along a paved road before making an arc with her van as if to make a u-turn.

When making her turn, the van hit the young girl's shoulder knocking her onto her stomach. The vehicle then ran over her torso while her father was forced to watch helplessly. The girl's father picked her up and laid her flat across their golf cart and called for emergency care. As emergency personnel arrived, they removed the girl's shirt to check her injuries and found tire marks where the van ran over her body. She was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center immediately.

Once admitted to the hospital, doctors took a series of x-rays and CT scans. They determined that the child had suffered "a Grade 3 splenic laceration, splenic hematoma, right pneumothorax, pulmonary contusion, and mild atelectasis in the dependent lungs.  Additionally, she complained of lumbar and thoracic pain resulting from the trauma inflicted by [the at-fault party.]  Moreover, [the child] sustained abrasions to both knees, her left hip, and both sides of her face, and had a broken tooth.  She suffered from bruising over much of her back.  She was admitted to the PICU for close monitoring, pain management, and for maintenance of adequate hemodynamics; she stayed in the PICU until her discharge..."

After being discharged from the hospital, the child was not allowed to play at recess or do any physical activity that required her to pick more than one foot off of the ground at a time. She also showed signs of emotional trauma through her fear of cars, fear of and refusal of playing in her yard at home, being in a parking lot, and refusal to ride her bicycle.

In addition to the severity of the child's injuries, the at-fault driver in the accident was reported to have shown no emotion and tried to sway a witness by saying the girl was playing in the roadway.

After the accident, the girl's parents knew they needed an experienced personal injury attorney in Myrtle Beach to help them get the benefits they needed for their child. Attorney Taylor Hooven at The Derrick Law Firm took the case and evaluated all the insurance policies available, the extent of her injuries both physical and emotional, and investigated the accident thoroughly. Following the investigation and evaluation, Attorney Hooven demanded and received the full policy limits of the liability and underinsured motorist coverage insurance policies valuing $125,000.

The Derrick Law Firm's philosophy is to outwork our opponents, obtain the full value of every client's case, and to treat each client like family. These three things are why the staff at The Derrick Law Firm are successful for their clients and why they were Voted Best Attorney by the readers of the Myrtle Beach Herald and the Horry Independent.

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