Car Accident Settlement For Client With Permanent Injuries

Dirk J. Derrick
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A young woman suffered permanent life-lasting injuries due to a car wreck she was involved while in her friend’s vehicle.

On November of 2016, our client was a passenger in her friends’ vehicle that was traveling northbound on US Highway 501 near Conway, South Carolina. Her friend stopped in a line of traffic when a vehicle failed to keep proper look for the traffic ahead of them and collided with the car our client was a passenger in. 

Our client recalls having immediate pain in various parts of her body. She was transported to South Strand Medical Center, where she complained of neck, head, right and left/calf leg pain, right elbow and lower back pain. After various images were taken, she was released with a diagnosed of lower back strain, abrasions on elbow, contusions of her nose and neck sprain. The ER physician prescribed her various medication and advised she follow-up for ongoing care.
She returned to South Strand Medical Center complaining of continued pain in her legs and ankles. She was experiencing a burning sensation on or about leg area. The physician discussed the lower leg swelling and a sign of deep vein thrombosis. He recommended for her to undergo an ultrasound of the lower extremity. 
  After testing, it was confirmed that a DVT was present and found in her right popliteal vein, located in her right leg. She was immediately prescribed blood thinners and discharged home as stable. Our client continued to treat and attend follow up appointment for several months. Due to the injuries sustained from this wreck our client was told that should she become pregnant she would immediately change medicine and be evaluated by a high-risk obstetrician at MUSC.
The Derrick Law Firm thoroughly investigated our client’s claim and worked hard to obtained the best result for her case. Auto-Accident Attorney Dirk Derrick provided medical records, hospital bills, and further treatment that our client would need and demanded full policy limits from the insurance. Our client injuries could have been avoided if the at-fault driver could have simply been paying attention to traffic ahead of him.

Our client will now and forever be on anticoagulants and deal with the knowledge that a blood clot could break free at any moment and put her life in danger.
Our client settled her case for $150,000. 

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