Conway Accident Causes Deep Vein Thrombosis to Woman

Dirk J. Derrick
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Our client was a passenger in a car accident in Conway, South Carolina where she sustained multiple injuries. As our client and the driver of the vehicle traveled down the busy Highway 501 they stopped for a line of traffic. The at-fault driver in the accident failed to keep a proper look, was traveling too fast for conditions, and rear-ended our client who was sitting in traffic.

The impact of the crash caused immediate pain in various parts of our client's body. She was transported to South Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach where she complained of neck, head, right and left calf/leg pain, right elbow and low back pain. Our client also hit her head on the dashboard of the car and an x-ray of her nose was taken to determine if there were any fractures. After various other images were taken, our client was released with a diagnosis of pain in her right elbow, lower back pain/strain, abrasions on or about her elbow area, contusions of her nose, neck pain/sprain; whiplash injury to her neck; headaches; closed injury of her head. The emergency department prescribed her various medications and advised she follow-up for ongoing care. 

Several days later, our client returned for care complaining of and receiving treatment for swollen and painful legs and ankle. The physician diagnosed her with non-traumatic hematoma of soft tissue and pain. She was advised to ice her legs as well as to wear compression stockings and keep her legs elevated. Almost a week later, she returned to South Strand Medical Center again complaining of the pain in her legs. She noted a burning sensation and showed both swelling and a lump in her lower leg. It was determined that she had DVT, or deep vein thrombosis and was prescribed medicine.

Over the next year, our client would have to take a long list of medications, rest her legs frequently and consistently wear compression socks to alleviate the pain caused by the DVT that occurred from the car accident. Doctors also noted that she would have a high-risk pregnancy if she were to become pregnant in the future because of the deep vein thrombosis and would need to be treated via an intensive prenatal care specialist at the Medical University of South Carolina. She would also forever be on anticoagulants and deal with the knowledge that a blood clot could be devastating to her health.

With the at-fault driver clearly being negligent in the accident and looking at all of the injuries sustained in the accident as well as future impairments, car accident lawyers at The Derrick Law Firm evaluated all aspects of the case and made a demand to the insurance carriers for the full limits of the policies available.

After the insurance companies received the demands of payment, this accident client's case settled for $150,000. All insurance money available was obtained.

If you are seriously hurt in a car accident in Conway or the Myrtle Beach area, call The Derrick Law Firm to speak with an experienced car accident attorney who will outwork their opponents, obtain the full value of your case, and treat you like family along the way.

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