Big trucks like 18-wheelers, dump trucks, and others are seen on our roadways daily. While many truck drivers are trained properly and maintain their vehicle, there are many drivers who are negligent and under trained. In addition to an unprepared driver, the structure of many commercial trucks makes them susceptible to tipping and having blind spots that cause accidents.

Below are several different types of truck accidents:


Often times, head-on accidents involving a tractor trailer truck occurs when a driver becomes distracted or drowsy and they begin to ride into oncoming traffic, hitting another vehicle in the front. These types of accidents are typically very serious and cause significant injuries or death.


A t-bone crash usually happens when a truck runs a red light or stop sign and hits a traveling car in its side.

Wide Turn:

Most drivers have seen a tractor trailer truck attempting to make a tight right turn and often failing. Other times, drivers do a "wide turn" and swing their truck to the left before making a right turn. If a driver is not aware of their surroundings, they may collide with or entrap cars close to the sidewalk. These types of turns are also called "swinging turns."


A jackknife occurs when a truck driver brakes fast and hard in an attempt to stop. The trailer will slide outward and create a 90-degree angle to the cab of the truck.

Truck Rollovers:

A rollover is when a large commercial truck driver loses control of his vehicle and the truck rolls over onto its side. Accidents like these often take out other cars on the road.

Blind Spots:

All vehicles have blind spots but a tractor trailer can have significant blind spots that are often referred to as "No Man's Land." When a driver cannot see other vehicles while attempting to change lanes, nearby cars are in danger of being hit or forced off the road.

Tire Blowout:

A tire blowout is a scary event for anyone on the road. Many times a driver can lose control and wreck while tire pieces can fly out in front of other cars. When an 18-wheeler has a tire blowout, they refer to the debris as "road gators."


Rear-end collisions happen for many reasons. In standard vehicles, drivers are often driving too fast for conditions or are distracted. While truck drivers also commit those indiscretions, the weight of large trucks is another contributor to rear-end crashes. They can make stopping difficult and when in an accident, can cause significant property damage and catastrophic injuries and loss of life.

Under Ride:

This type of accident may have different names but essentially, an under ride is when a large truck stops quickly, cars behind it do not stop in time, and become lodged under the truck's trailer. These are some of the deadliest accidents that occur.

Lost Load:

When an 18-wheeler has improperly loaded freight or is not secured, loads can fall out or off the truck causing an accident or injury to others on the road.

Accidents involving a large, commercial truck can be very dangerous. If you or a loved one are seriously injured by the negligence or recklessness of a truck driver, you may need an experienced truck accident attorney in South Carolina to represent you and your claim.

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