According to the National Safety Council, statistics show that fatal accidents at red light controlled intersections have decreased by 17% from 2005 to 2009. Statistics also indicate that fatal intersection accidents from running red lights has decreased by 27% during that same period. Many have attributed the decrease in the accident rates to the greater, more wide-spread use of red-light cameras. If motorists are aware that a violation is being recorded and will result in a large fine and increased insurance rates, the less likely they will be to run the red light.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also released a report which supported the opinion of the executive director of the National Coalition for Safer Roads which was that red light cameras were behind the decrease in fatalities at intersections with red light controlled cameras. In fact, the NCSR has expressed the need to expand the use of these cameras as a tool for law enforcement in order to continue the downward trend in accident rates.

IIHS said that red light cameras saved about 150 lives in the 14 largest cities in the United States between 2004 and 2008. The organization also projected that another 800 lives would have been saved if the cameras had been installed and utilized in 99 other major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S.

The consequences of an accident from running a red light are typically more severe because many drivers attempt to run the red light by accelerating into the intersection. This means that a car moving into the intersection on the green light is prone to a "t-bone" accident that can severely injure the person seated by the door that is impacted; this risk of injury is exacerbated by the increased speed of the vehicle running the red light.

It has been shown that when red light cameras are prominently advertised, drivers have demonstrated that they are more likely to obey the law and slow down when the light turns to yellow, instead of speeding up in hopes of making it through the intersection. Implementing these devices are more intersection should continue to decrease the number of fatal accidents. The cameras have proven to be worthwhile aides to help keep intersections safer, and are also an effective law enforcement tool. 

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