Conway Client Rear-Ended, Injured Neck and Back

A personal injury client from Conway, SC was rear-ended in a car accident on Hall Road near Highway 701. The client injured their neck and back and felt pain in their shoulder as well.

This client was a student who was attending classes and felt pain from carrying their books. Because of classes and student training, making all medical care appointments was difficult, and the at-fault driver's insurance company claimed a "gap in treatment."

For any person's case, a gap in treatment typically means an accident happened and then time passed before they received medical care. Often times, insurance companies attempt to downplay a victim's injuries if they were not able to afford, or get, prompt medical treatment. This also includes missing appointments throughout a client's scheduled treatments.

Attorney Kristie Shaw argued that because this client was a student, there was a difficulty in making every appointment during the school term. The insurance company would not budge, and The Derrick Law Firm filed suit.

After making a compelling argument for the client, proving their injuries, and gathering medical bills, the at-fault insurance company made an offer above the amount of the medical bills, and the case was settled before trial.

The Derrick Law Firm will investigate every aspect of a case to get their clients the full value of their damages. The firm values treating their clients like family and outworking our competition. If you have a claim, call 800-704-5412 for a free consultation.

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