According to a new report released from the Centers for Disease Control, traumatic brain injury remains a major public health problem within the United States, contibuting to many deaths and permanent disability. Each year, almost one-third of all injury deaths involve a TBI and approximately 275,000 Americans are hospitalized. Another 1.4 million are seen in an emergency department for a TBI injury.

In the report released from the CDC, "Surveillance for Traumatic Brain Injury-Related Deaths - United States, 1997-2007" it summarizes key insights to help assess the impact of traumatic brain injury. The study has shown that during the reporting period on average 53,000 Americans die each year as a result of a TBI, the overall rates of TBI-related deaths decreased by 8.2 percent, and the rates for all causes of TBI decreased, with execption of those related to falls. The overall goal of the report is to help inform TBI education or programmatic strategies, and to improve the prevention efforts to protect people at the greatest risk.

Traumatic brain injuries are a major health epidemic in the United States, and efforts to help reduce these numbers are proving to be effective. Education is one of the major components to continue to reduce the number of American's affected by traumatic brain injuries. 

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