May Auto Recall Reaches 34 Million

The month of May 2015 saw the largest auto recall in American history with the recall of 34 million vehicles. 

The Japanese Company, Takata, has been fined $14,000 per day since late February because of its reluctance to recall the mass number of vehicles obtaining their airbag equipment.The issue is that the chemical that inflates the airbags can do so with too much force. The force then blows the metal inflator apart, sending shrapnel throughout the vehicle.

There have been 6 deaths and over 100 injuries world wide because of the defective airbags.

Eleven automakers including Honda and Toyota have recalled 17 million vehicles in the US and over 36 million world wide.

Officials from the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration say if you receive a notice of a recall, immediately make an appointment to get the parts fixed.


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