Back in March of 2012, an active-duty soldier at Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC was seriously injured in an auto accident.

While driving on I-26, a car ran into the back of another vehicle causing that vehicle "to violently collide" with soldier James Smith's car. Smith did not contribute to the wreck and was unable to avoid the accident.

Turns out, the at-fault driver was underinsured and Smith's insurance company, GEICO, declined to pay for his injuries he sustained in the crash.

He seriously injured his neck, shoulders, and back and was left with permanent disabilities that will incur future medical expenses.Smith was also deemed unable to meet the demands of his military police position with the Army. Smith had planned to make his career with the military.

When the case went to trial, two doctors gave evidence about his injuries and capabilities in Smith's favor.

The jury eventually ruled on the side of Smith and awarded him both actual and punitive damages for his case. The damages totaled $359,000 for actual and $538,500 for punitive.

Cases like these show the importance of having underinsured coverage on your car insurance policy. When another driver causes a wreck and they do not have enough coverage to take care of your damages, it is greatly beneficial to have an underinsured coverage added to your policy.

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