Jeep Recalls Over 200K Cherokees

Jeep has recalled over 200,000 Cherokees within the 2014-2015 model years for a software issue that causes airbags to inflate and explode for no reason. When the airbag inflates, it does with such force that the canister may explode and send shrapnel throughout the vehicle.

Most of the recalls are in the United States and Canada. Jeep dealers will change the settings on the software making the inflate mechanism less sensitive. In cases where Jeeps have had the airbags inflate without a crash, it has been mostly off-road circumstances. Chrysler who owns Jeep says they are unaware of any deaths or injuries related to this so far. 

While Jeep has recently made this recall, they are not the only car brands warning customers to get their vehicles repaired. Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler have models that have been included in the airbag recall. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration encourages customers with vehicles included in the recall to have everything checked. There is a second part to the recall and the NHTSA says to have it done even if owners had the first recall fixed. 



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