Jeep Fires Making Headlines After Expecting Mother Dies

In November of 2014, Kayla White, 23 and an expectant mother, was killed in a car accident that caused her 2003 Jeep Liberty to burst into flames. 

The Jeep, along with over a million others, were apart of a recall that occurred in June 2013. The recall regards the plastic fuel tank that sits behind the rear axle. This does not offer much protection to the fuel tank if hit from behind and allows for the tank to possibly be punctured or to catch on fire.

Moving the fuel tank in front of the axle would be very expensive and difficult so Jeep opted to add a trailer hitch to vehicles as a barrier or line of defense. In tests, the hitch only protected stationary vehicles in crashes that were up to 40mph. 

White's attorney claims that she attempted to have her Jeep serviced several weeks prior to the accident but was told the dealership did not have the parts. Chrysler said they have no written proof she inquired about the parts.

However, around 840 complaints have been sent to the government saying parts have not been available for their recalled Jeeps. As of January 14, 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association had sent two letters demanding faster action but still only 12% were completed. 

White's family will be filing a suit against Chrysler for the damages associated with her death.  




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