Florence Using New Technique to Reduce Crime and Traffic

The Florence County Sheriff's Department is using a new technique to track, target, and then reduce high crime and high accident areas. This program is called the Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS.)

The Sheriff's Department's goal is to target law enforcement to specific areas based on high crime and high accident rates given by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Once the officers are in designated areas, they will turn on their back blue lights to show their presence. 

Florence County has already seen a drop in accident rates in hot spot areas as well as crime. Although traffic accidents have dropped more than crime, the deputies are putting in work to make a significant difference.

The department knows from the data that hot spots frequently change, so they will continue to track data and see where they are needed most. There are also talks of getting more in depth data regarding time of day and week to make the police presence even more strategic.

Smart and strategic police presence is proving to be a good tool to reduce crime and accidents. Florence County may be a good example for other areas to follow to continue to reduce accidents and injuries on the road.  




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