The Sun News has a search tool available that allows you to research the fatal accidents in the Myrtle Beach area for the year 2009. 

The search shows that car accident deaths are taking a toll on our area.

It has involved people from the age of 16 to 85.  The majority of them were not wearing seat belts. 

If you study these accidents, it shows many of them involve individuals running off the edge of the road,  turning quick to get back on the road (over-correcting), tires getting turned sideways causing the cars to flip or lose control.  

During my high school years, my father was a coach and driver's education teacher.  While he was teaching me to drive, he made me run off the road, keep my right tires off the road as I let off the gas and until the car had slowed enough to safely ease my way back on the highway.  While I'm not advising everyone to go run off the road, the ability to safely get back on the highway is a learned skill that someone must have, to avoid one of the most dangerous types of wrecks that occurs. 

Many personal injuries and premature deaths could be prevented if these types of wrecks were eliminated.

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