December Wreck that Killed 3 Teens Still Being Reviewed

Members of the community are still saddened by the deaths of three local teen-aged girls who died in a severe car accident back in December 2016 on Bay Road in Myrtle Beach.

The girls were all under 18-years-old and were out in the late hours on the night. The accident happened at about 3:15am when the driver of the truck ran off the road, into a ditch and then struck several trees.

The force of the accident was so great that the cab of the truck was separated from the bed.

According to the SC MAIT findings, the vehicle was going approximately 80mph in the 35mph zone.

Bay Road is home to many accidents over the years, and despite the extreme speed at which the girls were driving, members of the community have requested safety measures be taken to protect motorists. One protection would include guardrails because of the steep ditches along the road.

Part of the accident is still being processed so county councilmen have noted they wish to wait for all results before discussing the requested safety measures.

While it is important for roadways to be safe, drivers must take caution when driving and obey traffic laws. It is up to us to be defensive drivers and drive safely.

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