Conway Man Suffers Neck Injury at Work

Dirk J. Derrick
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The Derrick Law Firm received a 5 Star Review from a recent workers' compensation client at the Conway, SC location.

A young man, working for a moving company, attempted to move a couch from an upstairs floor to the downstairs, when he felt a "pop" in his neck.

He sought medical treatment and was required to perform light duty only tasks while he healed from his neck injury.

A challenge presented in this case, was when a doctor determined our workers' compensation client had reached MMI, or Maximum Medical Improvement, and there was a 0% impairment rating. This means the client has completely healed and will most likely have no future issues as a result of the injury.

Despite the rating, after looking over his medical records, Conway Workers' Compensation Lawyer Dirk Derrick assessed the value of the case and was able to secure an appropriate settlement value for the client's injuries.

Because workers' compensation can be frustrating and difficult to understand without prior knowledge or education on the system, it is important to speak with an experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney who can assess your injury and get you the benefits you need.

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