Coast RTA Drivers to Take Defensive Driving Course

Coast RTA has driven over 800,000 miles from July 2014 to the end of June 2015 and has seen five accidents during that time period.

Most recently, there were two accidents in June 2015 and two accidents in July 2015. After seeing several accidents in such a short amount of time, the Coast RTA CEO has called for a refresher defensive driving course for its drivers.

The Coast RTA general manager is preparing the course and hopes it will serve as a reminder of the things that drivers can do daily to watch out for other drivers. The June 16 crash sent 21 people to the hospital when a white Lexus failed to yield the right of way causing the bus to hit the Lexus.

In that crash, the bus driver had not been in an accident in 17 years but encountered an unpreventable event. The CEO and General Manager hope revisiting the defensive driving protocols will add to awareness for its drivers and continue to offer a safe transportation system to many people throughout Horry County.


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