Patients who received a bioengineered protein during spinal fusion procedures to correct neck pain had far more complications than patients who did not get it, according to a study.

The study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, reinforces previous concerns about the use of the proteins in fusion procedures to treat upper spine, or cervical, pain.

The substances studied, sold by either Medtronic or Stryker, are not federally approved for cervical procedures, although surgeons are free to use them for that purpose. (BARRY MEIER, New York Times)

Fusion surgery is a common surgery for those injured in personal injury accidents, including car and truck wrecks, motorcycle accidents and worker's compensation claims. 

Often an injury to the neck involves herniated disks which need to be removed and the vertebrae fused together.  Bioengineered protein used in these fusions have not been approved and are causing some additional complications.

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