New automatic braking systems are being credited with reducing crashes. These systems, found on higher end cars like Audi, Lexus, and BMW have paved the way for more affordable automakers to jump on board. Several Chrysler models have a similar system.

The new evidence that shows how the systems help reduce crashes was released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In the study, a version of the system found in Volvo SUVs prevented one out of four low-speed crashes. The IIHS is hoping that the new evidence will help pursuade regulators to consider making the automatic braking system a requirement.

The IIHS is continuing to also study other safety measures that would work together with the braking system to help reduce the severity of injuries in an auto accident. Things like advanced safety belts that work with the brakes, adaptive headlights, as well as alerts that warn drivers when they leave their lane are some of the items on their list. The IIHS estimates that these systems can help prevent or lessen the impact of 1.9 million crashes per year and prevent at least one out of three fatal accidents.

Even though there would be an added cost to automakers to install the systems, either high speed or low speed braking, the benefits and evidence are pointing towards making it a requirement. Advanced safety features help reduce insurance claims costs especially when compared to what a claim would be after an accident.

In the end, safety systems can only do so much. It is up to the driver to stay alert and practice defensive driving.

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