Are Myrtle Beach Roads Costing You More Money?

For the past two years, a national transportation research group named TRIP has collected data on the Myrtle Beach area and its roadways.

The information was recently submitted to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the report showed that 60% of locals drove on roads that were in poor to mediocre conditions.

A representative from TRIP said that South Carolina's infrastructure is increasingly deteriorating, congested, and not as safe as it could be.

The report stated that on average, Myrtle Beach drivers spend an additional $527 on maintenance costs for their vehicles.

Because of congestion on many of the roadways, drivers must sit in traffic which leads to fuel waste. For frequent Highway 501 travelers who must sit in traffic, the report states that 30 hours of time per year are wasted as well as approximately $754 in wasted fuel.

Another factor that contributes to driver costs includes auto accidents. With road congestion and poor highway conditions, several factors could be to blame for extra accidents in the area.

Since the report has been released, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is hopeful that politicians will see that South Carolina infrastructure is a priority and that the current conditions are costing taxpayers even more money due to wasted time, fuel costs, maintenance, and auto accidents.


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