South Carolina has over 10,000 drunk driving cases that have not gone to trial, with some of those cases pending for close to 10 years. In Horry County, there are over 1,500 cases that have not gone to trial, and now there is a statewide push to get these cases to court to be resolved.

The issue was raised after the state's public safety director said that troopers were complaining about the numerous DUI cases that had not gone to trial. For troopers, it becomes hard for them to remember specific DUI arrests after so much time has passed. However, the use of police car surveillance systems will be relied on to recall the details of each arrest.

In Horry county, Assistant Solicitor Ricky Todd said "My first reaction was this is going to be tough, but it is definitely doable." Horry county leads the state in pending cases mainly because of the tourism factor. People in the area on vacation wind up with DUI's as well as college kids and Spring break visitors. It is why there are so many in the Grand Strand. According to the highway patrol, between January and March of 2010, 271 DUI arrests were made. During January to March of 2011 that number increased by more than fifty.

The county is determined to work through the backlog as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assistant Solicitor Todd says that they will do everything that is allowable and do everything they can.

Working through all the backlogged cases will help the county become more efficient at processing new cases. Reports will be processed quicker as the pending cases are resolved. Horry County is working towards resolving the pending cases and hopes that in the future this issue will not happen again.

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